Jeffery HallPrincipal

Jeffery Hall

Jeff Hall joined McDonnell Insurance in 1992 and after much hard work and determination, was elected President of the agency in 2006.  With over twenty years of experience focused on large warehousing, contracting and transportation risks, Jeff works with a select number of “best in class” companies to manage their risk and control their insurance cost.  In 2013 Jeff facilitated the merger of McDonnell Insurance and Menard, Gates & Mathis Insurance, forming Insight Risk Management.  He is a member of both the Insurors of Memphis,  serving as President in 1999, and the Insurors of Tennessee, serving as a Board Member in 2000. Jeff also currently serves as a board member of Point of Impact Ministries. Jeff is the proud father of three sons: Caleb, Zach, and Jordan.